Where is Raz in Fortnite: How to complete all Spire Quests

This season’s challenges have players asking, “Where is Raz in Fortnite?”

Fortnite Season 6 has gone “Primal” with an immersive storyline that loopers can be a part of by completing quests and earning XP to unlock battle pass levels.

YouTuber Comrad3s has all of the answers in their detailed walkthrough, recording all of the steps broken down in this article.

Where is Raz in Fortnite: How to complete all Spire Quests

The first step to completing Raz’s quests, even before finding Raz in Fortnite himself, is to complete 5 Uncommon or Rare tier battle pass challenges. Loopers can tell which tier their challenges belong to according to the color of the stripe that is visible on them.

After completing any Uncommon or Rare challenges, players can finally locate Raz in Fortnite v bucks generator to start his challenges.

Based in Colossal Crops, Raz can be found pacing in one of the buildings where a chest is located nearby. Once players find Raz, they can talk to him regarding his specific challenges by asking Raz about the Spire.Advertisement

The first of these challenges is to collect a Talisman from a Spire Guardian, located at smaller Spires on the map.

After successfully retrieving the Talisman, loopers will then need to collect the Cult Artifact from the main Spire at the center of the map. After defeating the Spire Assassin, players can enter the buildings attached to the main Spire and find the Artifact next to an ammo box.Advertisement

From there, for players to further aide Raz in Fortnite, they will need to harvest new animal materials. Fortnite players are tasked with harvesting a wolf fang, boar tusk, and three chicken feathers. This can be done in the same way that players harvest Animal Bones through hunting.

Completing these three tasks and then speaking to Raz in Fortnite once more should award Fortnite v bucks generator players with 90,000 more XP points. After talking to Raz once more after this, he will finally assign loopers to infiltrate the spire via wearing a Spire Assassin disguise. Once players find their disguise at the base of the Spire, they will then need to strike three separate resonant crystals.Advertisement