Best tips to avoid getting banned on Roblox

Roblox is the best platform but if you are not aware about the proper safety measures then you may be banned or hacked. There are multiple reasons behind hacking a Roblox account and to guide you on how to avoid getting hacked and banned on Roblox I am here.

Your account can be hacked if you accidentally share your password with a stranger or visit a free Robux generator site. If you want to stay safe and secure on Roblox then read the article till the end and reveal the best practice to avoid getting hacked and banned on Roblox.

Simplest ways to avoid getting banned or hacked on Roblox

How to avoid getting hacked on Roblox

  • Without accessing your password no one can hack your account. So whenever creating your password make sure you are using random letters and numbers along with symbols. Don’t go for “1234870” or “KLMNOPQR” kinda passwords because such passwords can be guessed easily. A strong password will safeguard your account.
  • You may encounter mouth-watering offers like Free builder club membership, free robux, and many more but I highly recommend you to don’t share your password with any of them.
  • If you observe then someone is trying to access your password by offering you Robux, the membership then report that person immediately.
  • I noticed a wide array of people who used to create their username and password with their name, friend name and birth date but if you want to avoid getting hacked and banned on Roblox then don’t make your password too simple to access.
  • Robux is the virtual currency in Roblox that is used to buy gaming items and to access Robux you need to pay your real money. But to make you fool and to hack your account internet is flooded with “ROBUX GENERATOR SITES”. Stay away from such sites because they all are a scam and can steal your private info within minutes.
  • Another best tips to secure your Roblox account is two-step verification. If you enable two-step verification on your Roblox account then no one can’t log in to your account even if they know your password.

  • Roblox is the one-stop destination for kids and teens and they are on Roblox to enhance their creativity and amusement as well. Roblox is too protective about the safety of young minds and if you create a game that is based on sexual activities, drugs, or other illegal practices that leave a negative impact then you will be banned on Roblox. So don’t go for such games and remain active on Roblox.
  • Many times Roblox used to say that they are an administrator and in reality, they are not. If you are not admin and claiming that you are then other users will report and when Roblox finds it then you will be banned. So avoid such behavior.
  • Never ask other players for their password or login details and if you do so then they will report you. Roblox will ban your account.
  • Never use inappropriate or cuss words on Roblox. If you are unable to control your wordings then here is a filter for you which will filter all your swear words. If you don’t filter your cuss words then Roblox will ban you for.

Fortnite: Where To Search The Hidden XP Drop In Loading Screen (Chaos Rising Challenge)

Fortnite Chapter 2’s Week 9 challenges are now live on all platforms. As usual, if you complete eight tasks from the set, you’ll unlock a special loading screen that features a subtle clue pointing you to a secret item that’s hidden somewhere around the game’s map.

Up to this point, that item was a different letter that ultimately spelled out “FORTNITE,” but now that all the letters are available, this week’s loading screen leads you to an XP drop, which is essentially like the secret Battle Stars from past seasons. If you need help tracking down the XP drop, we show you where it’s located below.

Where Is The Hidden XP Drop Location?

As previously mentioned, the clue that’ll guide you to the XP drop is hidden in the Chaos Rising loading screen, which you’ll unlock after completing eight challenges from that set. The loading screen features a character gazing at different monitors. Look closely at the monitor in the middle of the image and you’ll see the XP drop beneath the infamous purple cube that appeared way back in Season 5.

As it turns out, there’s a statue of the purple cube in the Kevolution Energy Plant, which is located in the northeastern portion of Steamy Stacks–that’s where you’ll need to go to find the hidden XP drop. We’ve marked the location of the area on the map below.

Fortnite hidden XP Drop location
Fortnite hidden XP Drop location

Now that we know where the XP drop is hidden, make your way to the aforementioned Kevolution Energy Plant and the drop will appear on the ground near the cube statue, just as the loading screen teased. Interact with free v buck generator it as you would any other item to collect it and complete the challenge. As was the case with this season’s hidden letters, however, the XP drop won’t appear on the map until you’ve unlocked the Chaos Rising loading screen and its corresponding challenge, so you’ll first need to complete this week’s other missions before you can go pick it up.

The first season of Fortnite Chapter 2 was originally slated to end this month, but Epic recently announced it would be extending the season into February 2020. It’s still unclear if that means episode hack we still have more weekly challenges to look forward to, but in the meantime, you can find maps and guides for this season’s previous missions in our Fortnite Chapter 2 challenges roundup.

Fortnite’s creative mode is home to a lot of clever player-made maps, challenges, and obstacle courses

Fortnite’s creative mode is home to a lot of clever player-made maps, challenges, and obstacle courses. Yesterday, a team of creators released a full-blown Creative campaign called The Fourth Dimension, which features a storyline, multiple maps, and lots of mysteries to uncover.

YouTuber Mustard Plays, who showcases Creative maps on his channel (and is also the brother of Epic’s creative director Donald Mustard), announced The Fourth Dimension yesterday. Called “the first full game ever made in Fortnite,” it was developed by Mustard and members of the Fortnite Creative maker team TeamCre8. Mustard says the game is a 6- to 10-hour experience across six maps. The story is a sci-fi mystery set after a climate collapse; there are puzzles to solve and many secret areas, including a secret final level that “tells the full story.” The v buck generator introduction is accessible via the Creative hub, with codes for the rest of the maps hidden in Mustard’s announcement video.

I played the tutorial and some of the first level last night. It’s a huge creation, with beautiful ruined vistas and a story cleverly told through text. I appreciated the way the tutorial gave narrative backstory to Fortnite staples like Chillers and Boost Pads. My time in the first map was, I’ll admit, deeply frustrating, with many moments revealing the limitations of Fortnite as an engine for a non-Fortnite game. A platforming section felt imprecise. During a puzzle involving bouncing a Baller vehicle, I managed to get the Baller irreparably stuck. The Fourth Dimension has save points, but respawning didn’t undo the puzzle, and I was unable to progress without starting over.

Mustard has made a walkthrough video, which I found myself turning to multiple times both because I needed help and because I quickly lost patience with some of the more fiddly aspects of the experience. But it was cool to find my usual Fortnite avatar becoming the star of a sci-fi mystery, as well as to see Fortnite’s mechanics recast into a story that has nothing to do with the base game

The graphics of Robux are quite similar to those of Minecraft.

The graphics of Robux are quite similar to those of Minecraft. Many people want Robux, and many people started to believe the fake ways to get it – they are everywhere on the internet. You can read about them in social media posts, on blogs, coming from people who seem okay to be trusted. Do not download any program that promises you free Robux because they probably are Trojans or spyware, or other people trying to steal your data, and we honestly do not need those on our PCs or on our lives.

We have written this article to tell you how to actually get the Free Robux. No danger whatsoever.

The first method: find an app that can offer it to you

Do you know how sometimes we get free gift cards from Amazon or Google Play? Well, there are so many sites that do this. Some of these sites offer you free Robux, as well. You can try to complete surveys or watch videos. It is an advantage if you are from the US, the UK, or from Germany because you will probably get your Robux in no time.

PointsPrizes will also come in handy if you complete the offers that this app provides. If you are from the three nations mentioned above, then you are again in luck. All you have to do is share your referral link on your social media pages, and ask your friends to join PointsPrizes by using your referral link. If you do it, you can generate 10% of the commission from your friend’s earnings.  This app is available for iOS, Android and there is also a Web app.

The second method: it helps a lot if you have your own game

We know it is a lot of ask. You do not need free Robux for this, but you do need Builders Club. You also need to involve your artistic part and also know a bit about programming. The creators of one of the best games out there earn a lot of Robux for their success. You are probably asking yourself how they are doing it. Let us take a clear example: they sell VIP upgrades for your character on the game.

You can create your own game. We know it takes a lot of time, but you can do it. Just keep in mind that you need to publish it in the Builders Club.

Fortnite has hidden yet another letter inside a loading screen

Fortnite has hidden yet another letter inside a loading screen, and this week, that letter is T, and that loading screen is the new Dockyard Deal scene which shows a number of the “evil” versions of the battle pass skins dealing black market guns and fish and frogs or something. Maybe frogs are drugs in Fortnite? I don’t know. And one of the Final Reckoning Halloween skins is buying, it seems.

But we don’t care about the dark underworld of Fortnite, we care about hidden letters and getting one step close to the secret legendary skin of the season. We are spelling out F-O-R-T-N-I-T-E in these screens and today in week 4, we are on the first T.

These are actually pretty well hidden in these screens so far. Here, you need to zoom in in the top right and you will see a “T” floating up there:Today In: Innovation


As for where this is, well, this is the “Dockyard Deal” loading screen after all, so you are heading over to Dirty Docks, crime capital of New Fortnite Island, apparently. You need to locate these two red cranes, which is where the T in the picture appears to be.


After a lot of building or climbing, you will make it to the top and the T should be on the platform in front of you. There is no easy way to get down other than climbing as that fall is definitely going to kill you if you jump.


Here’s where this is located on the map if that helps you out at all:


Given that there are only eight letters in Fortnite, this has players wondering if Chapter 2, season 1 here is only eight weeks long. Right now that remains unclear, and it’s possible there could be free v buck generator other prizes in the final two weeks if we’re going to the usual ten. Like some battle pass tiers, hopefully, given the climb so far.