Stranger of Paradise uses Final Fantasy 1 as a motif rather than being “directly connected to the game”

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin’s concept is based on Final Fantasy 1, but is a story all its own.

Speaking in an interview with Weekly Famitsu, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin’s creative producer Tetsuya Nomura, producer Jin Hujiwara, and director Daisuke Inoue spoke about the game, and how it’s using the original Final Fantasy as a motif.

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According to Nomura, the game is based on Final Fantasy 1, where at the end of which, you learn who the Warriors of Light really are and where they came from.

In Stranger of Paradise, Jack and his friends are under the impression they may be Warriors of Light, yet they have doubts sometimes as to whether or not they are – as a prophecy has foretold.

Nomura also states the trio are “strangers” which is central to the plot as the trio has gathered in Paradise, which according to Inoue, means “exactly as what it says.”

“Strangers of Paradise means exactly what it says that these strangers are in the land of Paradise,” added Inoue. “At the same time, it could mean people who shouldn’t be in Paradise. I think it is a title that represents the story of the game perfectly.”

In the game, Jack and his allies are on a mission to defeat Chaos, and some folks may recall there were four Warriors of Light in the original Final Fantasy. According to Nomura, there will be more characters than just Jack, Jed, and Ash, but when it comes to fighting, battles will be limited to three party members.

As far as more information on the characters is concerned, the developers are keeping most of the story and gameplay elements close to their chests.

“In the full game, there will be even more characters, the game will be a lot broader, and I think the story is quite compelling,” said Nomura. “It might be a bit confusing to see these characters come out of nowhere, completely unlike anything you were expecting, but I hope you’ll keep an eye on upcoming information.”

So if you want any sort of idea of what to expect, you will need to play the PS5 demo, because for now, the team is only revealing information from the trial version, which only covers the beginning of the game.

The team really wants you to provide some feedback once you finish with it too.

“It’s a game trying something a little bit different, so I fully expect to receive a wide range of feedback,” said Inoue. “I’m sure that everyone’s thoughts on the trial version will help us to dramatically improve the quality of the final game, so please do give us your feedback.”

“The story is only touched on very briefly in the trial version, but once it unfolds, it’s a very impactful story that will really hit you emotionally,” added Fujiwara. “Please look forward to the game and keep an eye out for further news.”

According to Fujiwara, there was an unexpected issue on the first day the trial version was released, making it unplayable. Because of the issue, the trial period has been extended by another two days, meaning you have until June 26 to give it a try.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is slated for a 2022 release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Bayonetta 3 “still exists” and development is “progressing well”

Another E3, another Bayonetta 3 no-show. It’s getting rather depressing.

But don’t worry lovelies: Bayonetta 3 is still in development and things are progressing nicely.

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That’s according to Nintendo’s Bill Trinen and Nate Bihldorff speaking in an interview with Gamespot.

“I can definitely confirm it still exists,” said Bihlfroff.

“I will even go one further and say that not only does it exist, but it’s progressing well,” added Trinen. “We like to show things when we’re ready to show them, and certainly, we like to show things when the developer is ready to show them.

“We didn’t have it here at E3, but stay tuned.”

As Tom recently noted, it has been 1,287 days since Bayonetta 3 was announced for Nintendo Switch. Other than the usual, ‘it’s still in development’ comments, nothing has been shown or discussed regarding the game since.

Platinum recently stated it hopes to share news on the title this year, and prior to that, the studio said to throw our concerns about the game “out the window” as the teams was still hard at work on it and it despiet radios silence, it  hasn’t been cancelled.

Bayonetta 3 was first revealed back in 2017 in a teaser trailer played during that year’s Game Awards. However, not much information seemed to accompany the reveal, and the teaser trailer offered no release date and only confirmed exclusivity to the Nintendo Switch platform.

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Gotham Knights dev’s next game may be a new IP, not Superman

Gotham Knights dev’s next game may be a new IP, not Superman

Warner Bros Montreal, the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins and the upcoming Gotham Knights may not be working on another DC Comics game, such as the rumoured Superman game. In fact, the next WB Montreal game could be a brand new IP.

Several job listings have recently gone up for the studio, and none of them mention Gotham Knights specifically. The one for a 3C Game Designer caught some fan attention for mentioning “a third-person open-world action game,” which suggests a similar type of game to the studio’s previous titles. However, it’s the listing for a Senior Gameplay/Animation Programmer that’s the most interesting, as it states that WB Montreal’s next game is “a new IP, triple-A title.”

It has long been held by fans that WB Montreal was exclusively working on DC Comics games, a fact that was stated on the studio’s own website until recently. The studio also previously noted in a job listing that it was working on two DC games, of which Gotham Knights is one of them.

Gaming-related ER visits in 2020 include ‘celebration injuries,’ a scorpion bite Two Point Hospital

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission recorded 13,073 emergency room visits "associated with (but not necessarily caused by)" videogames in 2020. The infographic shared by the commission on Twitter shows a malevolent cartoon videogame controller declaring that it's their turn next, Luke—and perhaps Luke should be more afraid of "controller face," because a number of injuries do appear to be associated with the game controllers.

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It's a little unfair to ascribe ill-intent to the controllers themselves, though. There's a lot of controllers being thrown at or "in [the] direction" of people who sustain controller-related injuries. Perhaps the greater issues there are rage-quitters and irritable siblings. Also recorded are "celebration injuries" and various falls. 

That isn't to say there aren't genuine hazards with gaming: the data collected highlighted a number of people admitting themselves to the ER due to pain from extended play, frequently back pain, chest pain, and wrist pain. A few people also reported skin irritation after using virtual reality headsets, and while brand names are redacted in the dataset, there's a good chance they were using the Oculus Quest 2. The headset was recently removed from Amazon EU storefronts due to the presence of irritants in its padding that affected a small number of users.

Sometimes a gaming-related injury is just an injury—the person most responsible for you putting a tooth in your ear mid-session is likely you—but sometimes there is a structural fault, as we saw with last year's Cyberpunk 2077 including a potentially seizure-inducing sequence. Which is why we have things like consumer product safety commissions in the first place. 


Back in 2018, Chris compiled a decade's worth of gaming and computer related ER visits, which include such gems as the tooth-in-ear one mentioned above, as well as people being injured by their laptops in various ways.

Lost Ark devs aim to push MMO raids “forward for the entire genre”

Lost Ark devs aim to push MMO raids “forward for the entire genre”

A new teaser trailer for the Lost Ark Astalgia update has been released by developer Smilegate, which includes a look at the new Elementalist wizard class and the first look at a new raid for the game that could end up being one of the best MMOs on PC when it releases worldwide soon.

The game is currently only available to Japan, South Korea, and Russian PC audiences and will launch worldwide later this year, but in the meantime Lost Ark Online is already on season 2. The trailer for the new Astalgia update mostly shows the new Elementalist Mage class, which is a far more traditional Sorceress magic user than the other Mage sub-classes in the game.

The developer also offers a brief look at its new raid in the trailer, which it is not shy in hyping up – boasting that the Astalgia raid is “so ambitious, we want to push the visuals and mechanics of MMO raids forward for the entire genre and have every MMO developer and player pay attention to this.”

Baldur’s Gate 3 studio “trying to get the game done by next year,” but there are no guarantees

Unless you want to play the Early Access version, it’s going to be a while before you get your hands on Baldur’s Gate 3.

Speaking in an interview with Gamespot, Larian Studios founder Swen Vincke said not to expect Baldur’s Gate 3 to leave early access this year.

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Instead, the team at Larian is aiming to release the game in 2022, but there are still “no guarantees,” (thanks, Blue).

“We are really trying to get the game done by next year,” said Vincke. “It’s not gonna release this year for sure.”

That said, the team is currently busy developing content for the game, which is why there has been radio silence since the Druids arrived with Update 4. But the next update is “around the corner,” according to Vincke, and it will be focused on feedback from players. This means it will be more focused on features rather than content.

Since the Druid update was released, four hotfixes have been applied, ranging from fixing crashes to making sure loaded dice will only bend RNG in the rolling character’s favour.

First revealed in June 2019, Larian took Baldur’s Gate 3 to Steam Early Access in October last year. If you have yet to try the early access version, know going in that it isn’t Divinity: Original Sin in a Dungeons & Dragons skin, because nothing in it isn’t touched by Forgotten Realms, as every single part of it is completely specific to that world.

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Next Outriders patch will significantly increase legendary drop rates

People Can Fly will release an Outriders patch next week and it will significantly increase legendary drop rates.

Significantly, as in increasing the drop rate by 100% across the board, according to the Outriders studio.

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Legendary brackets will also be removed which will allow legendaries to drop at any level, as previously,  some items could only drop from enemies of certain levels or above.  

A legendary anti-duplication system will also be implemented, which means that if you already have an item in your inventory or stash, a duplicate item will be rolled and the dropped item re-rolled once.  The system will not guarantee every drop will be unique, but it will provide a second roll to avoid a duplicate.

Scripted boss loot will also be able to drop all non-class-specific Legendary Helmets. This change, according to the developers, will improve the variety of items in the campaign.

The luck system will also be improved, and players should no longer experience long droughts without a legendary item dropped during the endgame.

People Can Fly said the upcoming patch will also include changes and improvements to the backend sign-in system. The goal with this is to improve sign-in times, especially on Xbox.

This patch is currently undergoing testing and is expected to be released early next week.

Recently, during an investor meeting, the game’s publisher Square Enix praised how well the game is performing, stating that the digital sales ratio for the title has been very high, and the number of active users has also beaten company expectations.

Square also said making the game available through Xbox Game Pass at launch helped build an install base.

During April, its first month of release, Outriders saw over 3.5 million players worldwide diving into the shooter.

If you have not picked the game up already, there is a demo available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Server capacity increased for Battlefield 4 due to influx of players following Battlefield 2042 reveal

Battlefield 4

EA has increased the server capacity for Battlefield 4 due to an influx of players following the Battlefield 2042 reveal.

Thanks to the reveal of Battlefield 2042, the amount of players itching for some modern combat has surged, causing the servers for Battlefield 4 to reach capacity, making queue times far longer in certain regions.

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To stop any more issues from coming about due to the deluge, EA has taken steps to help combat long queues (thanks, Neowin).

“We were absolutely blown away by your excitement and reactions to the recent Battlefield 2042 reveal,” said EA community manager Straatford.

“Since then, many of you have jumped back into Battlefield 4 to already get a taste of the return to all-out-warfare. We’ve been monitoring your experience and noticed queue times in the US West region were far longer than in other regions. Good news, we’ve increased server capacity for this region – you can expect less waiting, and more playing.

“We’ll continue monitoring queue times and will make further adjustments as necessary.”

Our first look at Battlefield 2042 gameplay was shown during the Xbox + Betsheda E3 2021 showcase, and it showed off 128-player multiplayer on the new Conquest.

The game is out October 22 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Abandoned, the game that may be Silent Hills, is coming to PC

Abandoned, the game that may be Silent Hills, is coming to PC

Fans hoping for a Silent Hills reboot have been lead down a rabbit-hole over conspiracy theories for Blue Box Game Studios and its PS5 exclusive game Abandoned in the last week – and the developer has now confirmed that there will be an Abandoned PC release too, dragging PC fans into the mess.

P.T. was one of the best ghost games around, but it was only a demo for a Hideo Kojima-led game called Silent Hills, a new entry in the beloved horror series. That was cancelled, but the craziness over this game Abandoned started in April when the first teaser was revealed, showing a mysterious first-person horror game set in the woods – while P.T. was set in a house, the image to promote P.T. was also similar woods.

You can read all the details on the Abandoned conspiracy here. Hideo Kojima is well-known for pulling stunts like this, and it is entirely possible that Blue Box Game Studios – why “studios” for a supposedly small developer? – is actually one of Kojima’s operations and Abandoned is actually a rebooted Silent Hills, or something similar.

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Phasmophobia will no longer be a single-developer game

Phasmophobia will no longer be a single-developer game

The developer behind the smash-hit Phasmophobia – undoubtedly one of the best horror games on PC – has been a single-person studio for most of the game’s existence, but the team is finally expanding due to the continued popularity of the fantastic multiplayer game.

In an update as part of the game’s latest patch, solo developer Daniel Knight (who goes by Dknighter) explains that Phasmophobia has grown in popularity so much that they are now looking for an experienced artist and a programmer to join Kinetic Games – bringing to an end its status as a single-person-made game.

As Dknighter explains in the Steam update, “over the past few years I have been developing Phasmophobia on my own however due to how much it has grown in both popularity and its future content plans it is now time to expand the team. I have now started the process of hiring an experienced artist and a programmer to work on Phasmophobia. They will both start working with me on future content very soon as well as improving and expanding on the current content.”

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