Where is Raz in Fortnite: How to complete all Spire Quests

This season’s challenges have players asking, “Where is Raz in Fortnite?” Fortnite Season 6 has gone “Primal” with an immersive storyline that loopers can be a part of by completing quests and earning XP to unlock battle pass levels. YouTuber Comrad3s has all of the answers in their detailed walkthrough, recording all of the steps […]

Fortnite season 6 is almost here.

Fortnite season 6 is almost here. We’ve got about a week left until season 5 switches over, and players are eager for a new battle pass, new skins, and well…any news they can get their hands on. Epic has now officially announced the seasonal event that will shepherd us into season 6, and it’s significantly […]

What is Epic’s row about?

Fortnite was pulled from Apple and Google’s app stores worldwide after it broke rules – which it claims are unfair – about in-app purchases. Epic v buck generator had wanted to take both US companies to court in the UK, alleging they broke competition law. But the Competition Appeal Tribunal gave it permission to pursue […]

Fortnite – PlayStation®Plus Celebration Pack

PlayStation Plus subscribers have gotten yet another free pack of Fortnite gear this week a part of an ongoing promotion between Sony and Epic Games. Like the PlayStation Plus Celebration Packs we’ve seen in the past, this one comes with a mix of cosmetics that this time include one outfit and one Back Bling for […]

Top 5 weapons in Fortnite Season 5

Fortnite has done a wonderful job at the start of Season 5. Players have been treated to plenty of new content, along with some remnants of the past. Nostalgia is a big topic in Fortnite and they have done a great job addressing it. Some of the content, old and new, revolves around Fortnite’s weapons. New ways […]