As Pokimane unveiled her in-game emote in Fortnite on January 18

As Pokimane unveiled her in-game emote in Fortnite on January 18, streamers everywhere were quick to congratulate her for her collaboration with Epic Games. 

Being Poki’s most played game of 2019, it was only fitting that the Twitch megastar combined her two loves – TikTok and Fortnite – to commemorate becoming an Epic Partner.
Epic Games

The ‘Poki’ emote will be available to download from 4 PM PST on January 19.

However, while most streamers simply replied to Pokimane’s announcement Tweet, Hasan had other ideas on how to laud Anys’ Fortnite feat.

During his January 18 Twitch broadcast, Piker was prompted to mimic Pokimane’s TikTok choreography skills (which acted as the basis for her Fortnite emote). 

Before imitating the dance, Hasan approached with caution and stated: “There’s no way I’m going to get this right!”

Lo and behold, HasanAbi nailed his rendition of Pokimane’s Fortnite emote, while even managing to crack a smile throughout his performance. 

As you’d expect, Piker’s Twitch audience were beside themselves as they filled the chat with laughing emotes and custom Pokimane Twitch emotes. 

After successfully completing his routine, Hasan appeared to be in disbelief and howled with laughter.

While Hasan’s proficiency usually shines through his quick-witted comments and shrewd insights into topical political matters, perhaps the 28-year-old will be busting some moves during his Twitch broadcasts or on his TikTok in the near future.  

One thing’s for sure, if Hasan is planning on having his own free v bucks generator emote in Epic Games’ battle royale, he might need to brush-up on his two-step before submitting his routine.