Our favourite wireless gaming keyboard is AU$250 for Amazon Prime Day 2021 Logitech G915 gaming keyboard

Amazon Prime Day 2021 has kicked off in Australia, and as per usual, the deals on offer down under are all about accessories and peripherals. We're keeping tabs on all the best PC gaming Australian deals already, but if you're in the market for a wireless gaming keyboard this is one you'll want to snap up real quick.

The Logitech G915 Lightspeed wireless mechanical keyboard is, in our view, the best wireless gaming keyboard, and it's currently AU$250 on Amazon Australia, down from its usual RRP of AU$400. Now, you'd be mad to pay the full RRP on this on a normal day, because the street price sits at around AU$300-$350. Still, this is the best price at the moment, and is beating the competition by around AU$30. 

It also ships free if you're a Prime member, which sweetens the deal a lot. If you're not a Prime member, sign up for a free trial to make the most of this offer.

Logitech G915 gaming keyboard | AU$399.95 AU$250
The very best wireless keyboard gets an extremely welcome discount as part of Amazon Prime Day. In addition to working hard to avoid some of the pitfalls of wireless play, it looks damn pretty, with all those RGB backlights.

What's so good about it? Check out our list of the best wireless gaming keyboards for more info, but in a nutshell: "The Logitech G915 feels like a logical evolution of what a wireless mechanical keyboard should be—featuring excellent connectivity, impressive battery life, and an uncompromising array of features… to those who can afford it." Hopefully with this discount, you can afford it.

The best part of the new Sea of Thieves and Pirates of the Caribbean crossover? Other players can’t grief you

Every now and then there comes along a video game design idea that’s so obvious that you wonder why it hadn’t been thought of sooner. When these ideas come along, they’re of course often brilliant – which is why they feel so like they weren’t so much conceived and developed so much as they simply always were.

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Such is the case for Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life, the new mash-up of Rare’s ever-lasting world of magical piracy and the biggest pirate franchise on the planet, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. Announced as part of the Xbox E3 festivities, the free expansion features POTC series lead Captain Jack Sparrow, but also brings with it a wealth of ideas and features that should serve to enrich the life of Sea of Thieves players across the board – from the experienced hook to the landlubber newcomer.

To my mind, the best element of this is a simple one: finally, it gives players an instanced little slice of the Sea of Thieves experience where you won’t be under constant threat from dickhead other players. For some players, and for newcomers in particular, this might be big.

Traditionally, Sea of Thieves is an always-online experience. While it’s not an MMO, once you exit the tutorial you’ll be placed onto a server with a range of other players – and you can encounter them for good or for ill. The Sea of Thieves community is generally welcoming and lovely, I want to note, and progression is ‘soft’ enough that there’s never the threat of losing significant progress – but the threat of coming across somebody who might decide they fancy ruining your day is huge.

This fits with the theme, of course. The pirate’s life is all about thieving and backstabbing. Sometimes it leads to hilarity, too. When I think about some of my best Sea of Thieves moments, one of the top-ranking ones will forever be when some dick snuck aboard our ship when it was moored up, put an explosive barrel on the lower decks, then hid down there and waited for us to all board the ship before blowing us all to kingdom come. I mean, on one hand, screw that guy – but on the other, I respect it.

Anyway, A Pirate’s Life isn’t that. The new Pirates of the Caribbean chapter is the most significant and cinematic attempt at direct storytelling Sea of Thieves has made yet – and that meant that it made sense to segregate it off from the online-focused aspects of the game. You can of course play the expansion alone or with a crew of up to four – but you won’t be seeing any strangers out on the seas.

Specifically, the adventures with Jack Sparrow will take place in The Sea of the Damned and The Sunken Kingdom, new zones that are separate from the main Sea of Thieves. These will work much like instanced areas in an MMO – once you enter them, your crew is on their own. Solo or co-op, there’s no chance of somebody stealing your ship while it’s moored up, sinking you on a lark or exploding your ship just to watch it burn.

While much of the fun of Sea of Thieves is its emergent gameplay, in A Pirate’s Life you’ll have more directed objectives (indeed, Sparrow’s compass will always point to your objective, something this game has always made more obtuse in the past) and even an AI buddy in Jack Sparrow himself, voiced by the same guy as in the character’s Kingdom Hearts appearances. Even solo players will get some of the feeling of having a crew, as Sparrow will actively participate in things on your ship, getting stuck into ship-to-ship combat and the like.

Other elements of the game have been streamlined to make life easier, too. In the existing story-driven ‘Tall Tales’, progress can easily be lost either through the nefarious actions of other players or simply running out of time in a session and logging off. A Pirate’s Life has checkpoints, so you can pick up each of the five Tall Tales that make up the expansion where you left off, spreading progress between multiple sessions. The main game remains untouched in its multiplayer-driven, gloriously grief-enabling chaos – but this new expansion will give people a safe space that might also double up as a great place for less confident players to brush up their skills.

On top of all this there’s new weapons, new enemies, and new underwater swimming mechanics where oxygen-producing plants spew bubbles that can be inhaled to replenish breath without heading to the surface. In these elements you can see that there’s plenty here to thrill those who have hundreds of hours logged on the game, a more general enriching of the experience. Some of these new elements such as certain new weapons and enemies will also bleed over into the main Sea of Thieves world.

All of this is the material stuff – but on a superficial level it’s an attractive free expansion too, lovingly blending the Sea of Thieves and Pirates of the Caribbean worlds together. This isn’t just based on the films, either – Disneyland veterans will find painstaking recreations of scenes, moments, and characters from the ride that inspired the movie franchise, with original sound recordings from it even used in certain places.

Crucially, it isn’t just some cross-over side content but a key piece of the ongoing narrative of Sea of Thieves. The lore and worlds of the two franchises have been woven together in what looks to be a careful, respectful way. Authenticity is rarely a word that can be said about crossovers – but it seems this one has achieved that feat. There’s stuff here for seasoned players who have worn the existing content thin, but also a smart simplicity to the design of the expansion that it’ll likely be enticing to newcomers. You can start the quest organically out in the main world, or launch into it with a few clicks from the main menu.

You won’t have to wait long to try it, either. Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life releases on June 22nd – and Sea of Thieves is of course included in Xbox Game Pass on both PC and Xbox. There’s not much excuse not to give it a try – Jack Sparrow is waiting.

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A certain door in Call of Duty: Warzone is murdering players Warzone Season 4

A Call of Duty: Warzone player on Reddit has found a bug where a certain door in the salt mining facility instantly kills you when you touch it. Other players have also experienced the wrath of the murder door.

The video (embedded below) reminds me of learning to fake out hitting your head on a wall in drama class—the player charges towards the closed door headfirst, before staggering off it. Except, instead of having discreetly shielded the blow with their arm, they're now dying on the floor and in need of revival. (So like if you messed up that maneuvre, in drama class.)

yo_raven_this_door_kills_you_instantly_please_fix from r/CODWarzone

Nobody in the Reddit thread is quite sure why this is happening. There are suggestions that it might be something to do with how the door used to be open, not closed, in a previous update, or that it might have something to do with 'red doors'—doors used to instant travel across the map. The suggested idea was that if there was a red door elsewhere in the room, normal doors might not be meant to be usable. Those doors outright murdering you for trying still seems a bit harsh, however.

Doors are a bit of a developer's nightmare, affecting a surprising number of virtual states for something so simple in real life. Line of sight, AI walking paths, bullet paths… you'll notice if they go through a closed door (or don't go through an open one). It makes them difficult to program, and all the more difficult if a bug makes something happen like every single door in the game opening at once, as happened at one point during The Witcher 3's development.

So doors are both easy to bug, and in a live service game like Warzone that frequently updates, bugs are easy to implement. Perhaps a door that tries to murder its players—rather than just deeply stressing out its developers—was inevitable.

It's hardly the first strange thing to happen in Warzone: Bugs such as invisible helicopters and holes in the map have been well-documented in the past.

Thanks, Kotaku.

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life is more than a Pirates of the Caribbean crossover

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life is more than a Pirates of the Caribbean crossover

Crossovers aren’t really cool anymore. Pitting Rambo against John McClane or Batman against Master Chief is now old hat in videogames – and typically, these media crossovers feel like nothing so much as a means to sell you $20 skins of your childhood memories. So while Sea of Thieves and Pirates of the Caribbean are a natural fit for each other, there was a little skepticism in the back of my mind about what form Disney’s invasion of Rare’s pirate sandbox would take.

That’s why I was so pleasantly surprised when the developers led a recent preview session about Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life by talking about the lore. See, the Sea of Thieves itself is meant to be a timeless realm where pirate adventure never went out of style – if you knew where to look, you’d be able to sail there right now. Jack Sparrow, as a fan of this whole ‘world where pirates have the freedom to do anything’ idea and the owner of magical implements which can find things which should not be found, has found his own way into the Sea of Thieves.

The pirates of the Sea of Thieves also get eternal life, thanks to the ghostly machinations of the Ferryman – you know, the spectral captain you meet whenever you’re waiting for the respawn timer to run out. That’s why Davy Jones shows up. As a collector of lost pirate souls, he doesn’t care for there being a place for buccaneers to enjoy unending lives full of adventure and loot. This collision of universes, the developers say, gives them a chance to explore the power of the pirate fantasy, and how concepts like ‘freedom’ define the mind of Jack Sparrow and the world of Sea of Thieves.

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In the new Sea of Thieves Tall Tales, other players won’t be able to mess with you Captain Jack Sparrow in Sea of Thieves

As revealed in Rare's Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life presentation today, the five new Tall Tales included in the Pirates of the Caribbean crossover will take place in new locations. Players will visit The Sea of the Damned, a realm filled with pirate ghosts, and The Sunken Kingdom, a watery world filled with sirens (evil mermaids). The new adventure will also introduce several new crustacean enemies called ocean crawlers who, unlike skeletons, can actually board your ship to attack you.

And unlike the original series of Tall Tales, you won't have to worry about other players interfering with your progress. OtherTall Tales take place on Sea of Thieves' open world map where other players can attack or kill you (or as happened to me and my friends once, steal your ship) while you're busy solving puzzles. When you enter these new locations in A Pirate's Life, they'll function as separate instances. It'll just be you, your friends (if you're playing in a group), and the adventure, with no griefing from other players.

That's especially good news for solo players who can easily fall prey to other crews when trying to complete a Tall Tale. And Rare also says they've designed the new Tall Tales in A Pirate's Life so solo players won't have too tough of a time completing them. There will be checkpoints that save your progress mid-Tale and difficulty that scales with your group size. Plus, Jack Sparrow, who will join you on the new adventures, won't just ride around on your ship dropping boozy one-liners (voiced by actor Jared Butler, who played Sparrow in Kingdom Hearts 3 and other games) but will actually pitch in and help.

"It's such a great addition having Jack Sparrow because not all players play Sea of Thieves in a big crew with other players," said Andy Preston, lead designer. "Some players feel more comfortable playing on a solo ship on their own. But these players, when playing A Pirate's Life, they'll have Jack Sparrow aboard the cannons whilst they're sailing the ship."

New features to look forward to include a new weapon, the Trident of Dark Tides, which can send a blast of magic toward enemies. In the Sunken Kingdom holding your breath will be made easier by plants that release bubbles allowing you to refill your O2 while underwater.

And players who complete all five Tall Tales will obtain a new sea shanty they can play on their instruments. If you've ever been on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, you'll probably recognize it.

The trident weapon and new enemies will also begin to appear around the map in Sea of Thieves once A Pirate's Life arrives on June 22: Sirens and the ship-boarding ocean crawlers won't just be part of the new adventure, they'll become part of the world itself.

Total War: Warhammer 3 fans are concerned Kislev has too many bears

Total War: Warhammer 3 fans are concerned Kislev has too many bears

We still don’t know the official release date for Total War: Warhammer III, but there has still been a steady stream of news about the game’s various factions over the last few weeks. However, the reveal of the full roster for the Kislev army has left fans wondering – can one have too many bears?

The word ‘bear’ appears in the Kislev army roster 24 times, with the Gryphon Legion getting the notable characteristic “not riding bears.” Even ignoring the War Bear Riders and the artillery-mounted bear-pulled war sleds, every Legendary Lord character in the faction can have a War Bear as a personal mount. There’s even a giant Elemental bear too that’s ready to crush all under its icy paw.

This rather extreme amount of bears has provoked fierce debate on the Total War subreddit, where fans have mixed opinions on what qualifies too many bears. However, the most prominent view is that developer Creative Assembly did not need to give every Legendary Lord in Kislev a War Bear mount.

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That weird purple space llama in Guardians of the Galaxy has a fan-familiar name

That weird purple space llama in Guardians of the Galaxy has a fan-familiar name

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game was revealed at E3 earlier this week, and fans were immediately intrigued by the weird purple space llama that crops up a few times in the trailer. The game’s official Twitter account has revealed the llama’s name, and it’s one that fans think has a familiar connection to the comics.

The weird and definitely Fortnite-esque purple llama pops up most notably in the final group shot of the trailer, where Groot is holding it for some inexplicable reason. It may even live on the Guardians’ ship during the game. It certainly has the attention of fans, including Guardians of the Galaxy movie director James Gunn, who tweeted his support for the beast.

A fan asked the official Twitter account for the Guardians game what the llama’s name was and was replied to with the confirmation that the creature’s name was Kammy. This was all very cute, except that fans immediately pointed out that there is a major Guardians of the Galaxy character called Cammi – to who this may be a reference.

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The best PC gaming Australian deals from Amazon Prime Day 2021 Amazon Prime Day homepage image

Amazon Prime Day has kicked off in Australia, running from now until the end of June 22. That's the official runtime anyhow: with deals from the UK and US also available, it's actually likely to run well into Wednesday, June 23.

Below you'll find the best deals we can find according to their category. We've done our best to make sure these are the very best prices you'll get at the moment, and importantly, this list will update over the course of the next few days. In the past, Amazon Prime Day in Australia has relied on UK and US imports to really bulk out the list of PC gaming related sales, and we don't expect 2021 to be any different.

As always, you'll need to have a Prime membership to full take advantage of most of the deep discounts you'll find this year. No worries: You can sign up for a free trial here, just make sure you cancel it before it rolls on.

Without further ado:

Amazon Prime Day PC component deals

Cooler Master MF120R A-RGB | AU$78 AU$41 on Amazon
These are our third favourite PC fans for a reason: It can kit your tower out with some super-fancy RGB lighting on the cheap, and there’s “lots of airflow potential” according to our experts. This is a three-pack, but if you want more, they can be purchased separately.

Corsair iCUE LS100 smart lighting strip – 1.4 metres | AU$119 AU$91
The phrase “let there be light” erroneously carries religious connotations, when actually it’s a reference to the number one truism in PC gaming: there is no such thing as too much fancy lighting in your rig. If you’re after a 1.4 metre extension to your Corsair iCUE lighting set up, here’s that—a little cheaper than usual.

Amazon Prime Day PC Peripherals deals

Oculus Quest 2 256GB | AU$639 AU$579 at Amazon
This is our favourite VR headset, despite the requirement for a Facebook account. It’s a brilliant standalone device with great tech specs and a good price. With this Amazon Prime Day discount you can jump into VR at a lower price point, with some nice storage headroom to boot.

25 percent off EPOS gaming headsets | AU$319 AU$217 at Amazon
Right now you can choose from a wide range of EPOS gaming headsets, all with a nice 25 percent off the usual price. These include the GSP 601, GSP 602, and the more budget-oriented GSP 300

Corsair HS50 Pro gaming headset | AU$85 AU$69 at Amazon
A nice ‘n’ simple stereo gaming headset for folk who don’t want things coming at them from all directions like some hellish fever dream. This usually sits just above the budget range, but with this discount you can get it a bit cheaper, and it’ll work on your consoles as well, if you’ve got ’em.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum gaming keyboard | AU$319 AU$249
A nice discount on this sturdy and flash Cherry MX Brown mechanical keyboard, which boasts per-key RGB backlighting and an extremely classy band of aesthetic excess along the top. Has six macro keys.

Elgato HD60 S capture card | AU$359 AU$276
This is our favourite capture card for PC gaming, on account of its excellent capture quality, considering the price point. Captures up to 60fps at 1080p, with USB 3.0 connectivity. The built-in software is easy to use, as well.

Halo MCC’s mod support is expanding next week

Halo MCC’s mod support is expanding next week

Ever since the Halo: Master Chief Collection launched on PC, developer 343 Industries promised mod support for the game, which finally got added earlier this year. Now the team is expanding that support with a bunch of new mod tools coming in Halo MCC’s Season 7 next week.

The most recent mod tools for the Master Chief Collection on PC were added in April as part of Season 6, which included a new Halo Online map, and allowed players to bring Halo Custom Edition maps to PC. Since then, modders have been making all sorts of crazy creations, such as a recreation of Mario Kart within the game.

At the time, the team stated that its goal for Halo MCC mod support this year “is to roll out and improve the modding experience on PC” before 343 looks into possibly bringing mods to the console version. The next step is about to happen this coming Wednesday, June 23rd, as a new set of expanded mod tools will be added to the Master Chief Collection on Steam.

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Self-pickup, new guns, and Pony Coupe coming in PUBG’s Taego update

Self-pickup, new guns, and Pony Coupe coming in PUBG’s Taego update

The new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds map is coming next month and a new trailer has been released to tease upcoming features being added in the next update to the still-popular battle royale game. Fans have dug through the PUBG Taego map trailer and have spotted new guns, vehicles, and a possible self-pickup ability.

As developer Krafton revealed last week, the new Taego map is headed to the game in the 12.2 update – which is set to release in just a few weeks on July 7th on PC (July 15th on consoles). Like PUBG’s original Miramar, Taego will be a massive 8×8 km map, but otherwise there hasn’t been any firm facts about what players can expect from it – leaving fans to do the dirty work.

PUBG dataminer PlayerIGN has already indicated that there will be a new respawn system “where players fight for their revival” on a small Gulag island, but now they’re back with a list of potential new features uncovered in the latest PUBG trailer.

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